Stereogum March Jukebox

As much as I enjoy posting embarrassing photos of TRL stars, Stereogum is supposed to be about good new music too. So here’s what’s rocking the iPod this month.

1. I’ve said it before: Adam Green, genius or retarded? Imagine Ben Kweller with Wernicke’s aphasia — that’s what this album sounds like. The lyrics are so intentionally oblique (“Dostoevsky, Fab Moretti / Antiseptic, complimentary…”), it’s actually obnoxious. But catchy. And he does a mean “Kokomo.”

2. Recommended if you like Apples In Stereo and Of Montreal. Album in stores 4/12.

3. Props to the Guero marketing team. Between those “leaked” rough cuts and the random remixes hopping the blog circuit, I have no idea what to expect on the album. Here’s a great article about how 8-Bit got involved.

4. Just discovered these guys. Like all new bands worth blogging about, they’re from Canada. This song’s got an alt-country Modest Mousey vibe. Lemme know what you think of it. Blood Meridian – “Oh Oh Oh”

5. I tabbed this if anyone’s interested.

6. Rumor has it this Kraftwerk-inspired jawn is only a B-Side. X&Y (out 6/7) is gonna be THAT good.

7. Sam’s somber Lips cover is the highlight of the excellent new KCRW comp.

8. LOVE the intro. So ’80s. Get this one from Fluxblog.

9. Get this one from Catbirdseat’s March mix.

10. YEAH!

Part II later…