Kanye, Jay-Z Debut Oasis-Dissing “Jockin'” At MSG

The war of words between Noel Gallagher and Shawn Carter seemed to reach its apex when Jay-Z hit the Glasto stage (guitar)strapped and covering “Wonderwall.” Until last night at MSG, when it became apparent the beef is not only undone, but the inspiration for a new track from The Blueprint 3. Oh, and there’s going to be a Blueprint 3. After unplugging Jane the computer for a night at Lolla, Kanye resumed his “Glow In The Dark” tour in NYC, and closed it out by revealing his next production project and the new tune “Jockin'” with an assist from Hov. Opening salvo:

That bloke from Oasis said I couldn’t play guitar / Someone should have told them I’m a fucking rock star /Today is gonna be the day that I’m gonna throw it back to you…

Haa. Thankfully Kanye had some nice video cameras on hand.

(via Kanye)

Hott. I guess “Big Brother” mended some fences? The Blueprint 3 is apparently in the works. Oasis apparently just got burned (again). Also and related, I stood next to Kanye during Saul Williams’s set at Lolla. We had a quick chat and he told me, “Tell everyone I said hello.” So, Kanye says hello everybody. Here’s the back of his head.

Surprise. It’s big.

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