Kylesa – “Quicksand”

The great Savannah, Georgia metal maulers Kylesa — easily my favorite metal band in the world over the last few years — have a new album called Ultraviolet coming in a couple of months, and they’ve already shared the gothed-out early track “Unspoken.” Now they’ve got another one called “Quicksand” up on the internet, and it sounds a bit like a more claustrophobic version of early Smashing Pumpkins — that is, the era back when Smashing Pumpkins were still sort of a shoegaze band. If those first two tracks are any indication, the new album should see Kylesa continuing down the road of their jaw-dropping 2010 LP Spiral Shadow — away from crusty sludge and toward a ferocious version of ’90s indie. Listen to “Quicksand” at Spin.

Ultraviolet is out 5/28 on Season Of Mist.

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