Alex Bleeker And The Freaks – “Leave On The Light”

When his day job has some downtime, Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker has taken to gathering fellow-minded musicians to fill out the group of misfits that make up Alex Bleeker And The Freaks. Members of Woods, Real Estate, and Mountain Man (to name a few) have joined Bleeker for his new album, How Far Away, and if the first single showed off the ramshackle band’s ability to rock, their newest, “Leave On A Light,” shows the band’s bittersweet side. “I guess I didn’t treat you right/ Don’t wait for me, just walk on by,” sings Bleeker as the song swoons and sighs along in that tranquil way that Real Estate mastered a few years ago. Listen below.

How Far Away is out 5/28 on Woodsist