Aimee Mann, Michael Penn Ready Concept Albums

Singer/songwriters (and husband/wife) Aimee Mann and Michael Penn are preparing a one-two punch of concept albums, so to speak. Penn’s disc Mr. Hollywood, Jr. — 1947 focuses on post-WWII L.A. and will be out on his own Mimeograph Records 6/28. Mann’s concept album, The Forgotten Arm (out on her own SuperEgo Records 5/3) was inspired by her love of boxing (who knew?). She titled the disc after a boxing move and the song cycle revolves around a Vietnam vet/boxer/drug addict. Sounds like another awesome party record!

Actually, Stereogum <3s Aimee Mann. Arm is said to be deliberately reminscent of early ’70s LPs by The Band, Elton John, and … Rod Stewart? (“Every Picture Tells a Story is such a rocking record, but it’s mostly a 12-string acoustic turned up really loud,” she tells Ice).

Stream three tracks from The Forgotten Arm here.