New Music Go Music – “Reach Out”

When we posted Music Go Music’s “Light Of Love,” we mentioned ABBA and ELO along with fellow Los Angeles crew Bodies Of Water. “Reach Out” is darker fare with heavy (ish) guitars and plenty of Bombast — kinda like Bonnie Tyler minus the rasp. Frontwoman Gala Bell tell us to let her voice be our guide and then intones the over-the-top chorus: “There is a fire in me, I burn with empathy / Dear, let compassion reign / Call out my name / and face the flame.” Reach out and touch faith.

Music Go Music – “Reach Out” (MP3)

There’s something about that voice and the galloping pace of the backing band. Let’s just say it is familiar.

“Reach Out” is b/w “Goodbye Everybody” and “Just Me.” It’s the second in a series of three vinyl-only Music Go Music 12″‘s. So far, “Light Of Love” and “Reach Out” are out via Secretly Canadian. Hear more at the band’s MySpace.

[Photo by Lauren Dukoff]