Tyler, The Creator – “IFHY” Video

“IFHY” is one of a couple of romantic-obsession songs from Tyler, The Creator’s depressing trudge of a new album Wolf, and the subject matter is not exactly new material for that guy. But the new video, which Tyler directed under his Wolf Haley alias, is something different, and creepy, and disturbing. Tyler, wearing an Elephant Man-looking makeup job that makes him look like an evil Frankenstein-doll version of himself, harasses a fellow living doll in a gigantic dollhouse. Pharrell, who sings on the track, does not appear in the video, but at the end, the song turns into a brief mini-video for the Hodgy Beats collab “Jamba,” and Hodgy does show up. The video is an ambitious technical achievement, but it doesn’t make me like the song on the album any more. Your mileage may, however, vary. Watch it below.

Wolf is out 4/2 on Odd Future Records, and you can also check the “Domo23” video. “IFHY” stands for “I fuckin’ hate you,” if you were wondering.