Walla – “Never Give Up” & Sombear – “Incredibly Still” (Stereogum Premiere)

Today’s been a bit of a big news day for Death Cab For Cutie-related vinyl. Earlier, it was noted that the long-awaited Death Cab The Barsuk Years boxset, which was originally slated for release in January, was finally making its shipping rounds, but that more than half of the records were mislabeled. A listener throws on You Can Play These Songs With Chords and are greeted by the sounds of We’ve Got The Facts And We’re Voting Yes-opener “Title Track.” But in less confusing news, band guitarist Chris Walla is releasing a somber one-off “Never Give Up” for Record Store Day via his label Trans-Records. The 7″ features a B-side contribution from signee, the Minneapolis-based Sombear, whose track “Incredibly Still” is coated in John Hughes-ephemera. Check out both tracks below.

“Never Give Up” b/w “Incredibly Still” is out exclusively on 4/20 via Trans-Records. Sombear’s debut album Love You In The Dark