Prince & 3rd Eye Girl – “Let’s Go Crazy” (2013 Remake)

Go on IMDB sometime and you can see that nearly every week there’s a new remake coming out. Some might complain, but the fact is some remakes can be pretty damn cool — enter Prince and his new band 3rd Eye Girl. The Blessed Purple One (who was recently given a massive tribute at Carnegie Hall) has decided to release a “2013 Remake” of the classic opener to Purple Rain, “Let’s Go Crazy,” but everything has changed. The classic synths from that album are nowhere to be found; now the entire song is built on pummeling guitar vamps and stomping drums. It’s a raw, bluesy reboot that leaves you wanting to hear the rest of the album done in this style. Listen below while you dig out your old DVD of Purple Rain.

LETSGOCRAZY from Madison Dube on Vimeo.

Purple Rain is due out June 25, 1984 via Warner Bros.