Watch Thom Yorke And Nigel Godrich Play “Black Swan” And “Stuck Together Pieces” In NYC

My reaction to seeing that Atoms For Peace have released another high-definition YouTube video of their Le Poisson Rouge performance from a while back was summed up quite well by a commenter on the video by the name of PhilosoraptorIris: “FUCK YEA ANOTHER ONE.” Well said, Iris, well said. It’s because everything that made the previous video so exciting — the incredible fluidness of the songs in a live setting, the visuals, Thom’s overwhelming energy (not to mention that ponytail!) — is present here; it is the same show after all. However, this time we get to hear the old Eraser highlight, “Black Swan,” until it eventually melts into the Amok track “Stuck Together Pieces.” Together, the two songs stretch past the 17-minute mark, and every minute of it is worth your time.