Watch Courtney Love’s E-Cigarette Commercial

Seeing someone smoking an e-cigarette in a smoke-free area is still one of the weirder and more baffling things I’ve come across lately, like seeing a dog walking on its hind legs. I would imagine that the general consensus is that they’re relatively obnoxious, so who better than Courtney Love to be the spokeswoman for brand Njoy? Those things freak out people who don’t know what they are when it seems like a No Smoking Zone is being disturbed and yet also probably bring up pangs of jealousy to the tailor-made and rollie-smoking set who are mad they, too, cannot smoke inside. Shaking heads abound! The spot is perfectly suited to Courtney Love’s never-giving-a-fuck persona, as she smokes the vapor-emitting contraption at a hoity toity party. When she’s told to give it a rest, she responds, “Relax, it’s a fucking Njoy.” Super clever, but still, LOL at Love telling anyone to calm down. Check out the commercial below.