On Curb Your Enthusiam

“Larry David is happily married, filthy rich and the comic genius behind the funniest, most daring show on TV, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Other than that, things couldn’t be worse…” Larry David buzz in the new Newsweek.

Six months ago I caught them filming the new season in Times Square. Here are some shitty pics I took (click to enlarge):

Check out that fake poster for The Producers. Passersby were so confused.

We got cable up and running a day after moving into our awesome E. Village apt so as not to miss last night’s Sex and Curb HBO premieres. While Gawker’s got beef with Samantha’s hair, we were distracted by Cheryl Hines’ blinding chompers. Uncle Grambo noticed too. Still the funniest show on TV, though. Stay tuned this season for a Seinfeld cameo.