Dan Deacon – “Konono Ripoff No. 1″

For a new Record Store Day 7″ single, the euphoric Baltimore experimentalist Dan Deacon has recorded a new song that borrows its tones and its sense of melodics from the Congolese band Konono No. 1, so he’s naturally called it “Konono Ripoff No. 1.” Deacon’s recorded two versions of the track, with two different drummers on each side — regular Deacon percussionist Kevin O’Meara and former Ponytail drummer Jeremy Hyman on side A, regular Deacon drummer Dave Jacober and Roomrunner frontman (and former Double Dagger drummer) Denny Bowen on side B. Listen to the side A version below.

“Konono Ripoff No. 1″ is out 4/20, Record Store Day, on Domino, and it’s limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.