Stream Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge Twelve Reasons To Die

The producer and composer Adrian Younge put together the excellent fake-vintage blaxploitation score for Black Dynamite and, earlier this year, recorded an album with Delfonics singer William Hart. And for his latest trick, he’s linked with Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah to record Twelve Reasons To Die, a new rap opera with a plotline about a black mobster who becomes an avenging ghost superhero. Ghost recorded the album with Younge’s live band Venice Dawn, and the result is some beautifully lux psychedelic soul, a nice bed for Ghost’s absurdist storytelling. We posted the early track “The Rise Of Ghostface Killah,” and now the whole album is streaming online. Listen below.

(via NPR)

Twelve Reasons To Die is out 4/16 on Soul Temple.