The 10 Most Anticipated Record Store Day 2013 Releases

It’s that time of the year again, everybody! The best holiday of the year (yes, better than National Ferris Wheel Day AND Leif Erikson Day) has returned. I’ve been going to Record Store Day since 2009, and even when I didn’t look up the releases beforehand, I’d still walk out of my favorite record store (RIP Cutlers in New Haven) with something unique and special. Unique and special is what Record Store Day does incredibly well, and it’s why we love it so much. Since its relatively humble beginnings in 2008, the event has grown in popularity every year. So even if you don’t get out to record stores much anymore, this is one of those days where you want to try.

Of course the growth in popularity also means there are more and more releases each year to check out, and that can be a little overwhelming. And it’s even harder in this, the year of Jack White, because the roster of records is especially great. There are some fascinating new singles from the likes of Pulp and Black Lips and Icky Blossoms, plus a cassette featuring new material from MGMT’s upcoming album. There are extravagant reissues like the chess board box-set of GZA’s Liquid Swords and a quadruple disc version of the Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka (perfect for anyone who owns four record players, I guess). Also look for some fantastic movie soundtracks for Dazed And Confused and Mondo’s gorgeous release of the Drive soundtrack. Finally there are some strange outliers like South Park’s “Gay Fish” single and one of the most enticing releases this year — a completely covered 7″ listed only as Mystery Release.

But hold on there, because all these are just the honorable mentions to our 10 most anticipated releases for this year’s Record Store Day. Some of these are reissues, some are exciting collaborations, and some are bizarre experiments. All of them, however, are worth your time. So take a look at our list, and try not to shove people too hard when you’re all fighting over the last copy of that Ringo Starr solo album.