Dance The Night Shift Away

SXSW peeps: did anyone catch United State Of Electronica at Maggie Mae’s? I know Matty’s already dedicated 50 posts to the funky Seattle septet (we both MP3J’d their tunes at iParty) but I haven’t done the proper MP3 blog shoutout ’til now.

If you’re a fan of joyous discopoprock (and, by extension, vocoders), you’ll fall in love with this album (available via Sonic Boom). To misquote Jack Black in High Fidelity, U.S.E. picks up where your precious Daft Punk left off, and you’re sitting around complaining that the new Daft Punk album sucks! Also: Junior Senior fans, U.S.E. is right up your alley.

“In The Navy” meets “Tubthumping.” I clicked this at least ten times today. First disco jawn to rhyme 401k?
United States Of Electronica – “Night Shift”

This tune’s already a big hit in Japan. Japan likes to boogie!
United States Of Electronica – “IT IS ON!”

U.S.E. also score points for giving Viv ‘n’ Ed a shoutout in their tour blog. Hope they invade the East Coast soon.