Jay-Z – “Open Letter”

Jay-Z’s been in the news a bunch lately, for going on vacation to Cuba with Beyoncé — a trip that a couple of Congressmen decided to investigate — and for selling his shares in the Brooklyn Nets to become a sports agent. And in grandly cantankerous old-man fashion, Jay’s just posted a brand-new song directed at any and all skeptics, one where he sneers away the idea of political probes and the “fuckin’ dweebs” who paid him to help move the Nets to Brooklyn. He also offers to buy Chief Keef a kilo of cocaine and name-checks Bob Dylan’s “Idiot Wind.” Timbaland and Swizz Beatz co-produced the track, and for a last-second topical lark from some very rich people without much to prove, it’s pretty great.

(via Life + Times)

Don’t take this as an indication that Jay’s got a new album on the way; he’ll get to that when he gets to it, and if you see him in public with shorn-short hair, he’s not regularly recording.

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