Grim Tower – “Reign Down” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Stephen McBean leads the wonderfully wooly Vancouver bands Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops, and Imaad Wasif is a psycedelically inclined singer-songwriter and a former Yeah Yeah Yeahs touring member. Both of them are Vancouver natives who now find themselves living in Los Angels, and they’ve now joined forces to form the new duo Grim Tower. Their debut album Anarchic Breezes, out in a few months, combines old-timey folk music with droning doom-rock, like an evil-twin corrective to all the nu-folk bands currently clogging up festival lineups. And in their video for first single “Reign Down,” Wasif stalks through the snow, picking at a banjo, while a drumming druid and a wolf trail behind him. Alex Lorge directs and edits. Watch it below.

Anarchic Breezes is out in June on Outer Battery.