New Jolie Holland – “Mexico City” (Stereogum Premiere)

On this first track from Jolie’s forthcoming The Living & The Dead, things are certainly less swinging. Which is fair to expect from a song pulling motifs from the Day Of The Dead, although Jolie’s suggested it’s part of a larger effort to keep her jazzier urges at bay. For the new LP, Holland says she found inspiration in the likes of Neil Young and Daniel Johnston, bringing to light a rock side absent from her previous releases. I’m liking it. “Mexico City”‘s fittingly dusty, full of south of the border horns, Jolie losing herself in booze and candles lit for those past on. As with her best material, after one listen you can imagine the perfect occasion for it to soundtrack (and this time it won’t be a cocktail party). Besides: there are singers, and then there’s Jolie.

Jolie Holland – “Mexico City” (MP3)

Simple, tuneful stuff. Springtime Can Kill You didn’t really grab me the way, say, Escondida did, but I feel it changing. There are fancy friends in the mix — M. Ward on some production and some guitar, six-stringer Marc Ribot elsewhere — and on the back of this track, those sound like the right names for the project.

The Living & The Dead is out 10/7 via ANTI-.