Stereogum April Jukebox

So many hott tracks rocking the portable digital music device, I’ve gotta share the April playlist a week early…

  • Aimee Mann “That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart” from The Forgotton Arm
    She loves the ’70s (as promised). Stream more cuts from the new CD here.
    DOWNLOAD AT: Scenestars
  • Astrud Gilberto “Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix)” from Verve Remixed 3
    Girl from Ipanema meets boy from Def Jux, for your next chillout playlist. Enjoy now before the Postal Service/Nina Simone jawn is blaring at a Banana Republic near you.
  • Ben Folds “Jesusland” from Songs For Silverman
    I’d like to think “Jesusland” was inspired by the post-election meme. Ben’s focused here, pounding out Americana-tinged arrangements (think recent Wilco) with tales of put-upon everymen that thankfully limit the silliness. Silverman’s at its most hummable on the bouncy “Trusted” and “Bastard” (nice CSN breakdown three minutes in). Surprise standout: a repolished “Give Judy My Notice” which on Speed Graphic aped early Elton, but after a classic FM makeover now sounds like The Best Of Fleetwood Mizzle.
  • Black Lipstick “Bob Fosse” from Sincerely Black Lipstick
    Insound warns “This [album] will rock your ass so hard it will be difficult to sit down afterwards.” This cut rocks gently though.
  • Black Mountain “Bicycle Man” from Quiet Weather Singles Series Split 7″
    Sax and drugs inform this chug-a-lug blooze. The crew of Canadian mental health workers shares members (and initials!) with Blood Meridian (of Stereogum March Jukebox fame).
    DOWNLOAD AT: Said The Gramophone (Album cuts here.)
  • Bloc Party “Little Thoughts” from Little Thoughts CD Single
    Really the most infectious Bloc Party song, and it’s a b-side. Sunnier but no less energetic than anything on blogger fave Silent Alarm. (UPDATE: Apparently this song IS on the US release.)
    DOWNLOAD HERE: .mp3 (Some British radio versions here.)
  • The Books “None But Shining Hours” from Lost And Safe
    Stereogum glossed over the collagists’ Lemon Of Pink, but if it sounded this trippy (think John McEntire remixing Animal Collective) we should revisit. Some tunes are hypnotic, even jammy, and them banjos sound like Sujfan Stevens.
  • Brazilian Girls “Don’t Stop (Riton Remix)” from Don’t Stop 12″
    Brazilian Girls: neither Brazilian nor girls. Discuss.
    DOWNLOAD AT: Music-For-Robots
  • Brian Eno “Another Green World” from Flaming Lips’ Latenight Tales
    Miles, Aphex, and 10cc? Now That’s What We Call Nocturne. DJs Wayne, Stephen, & Michael also take on White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” (Harry Potter’s And George W. Bush’s Severed Head Arm Mix, obvs.)
  • Bright Eyes “Mushaboom (Live @ Studio 105)”
    Gen-Y’s Jackson Browne salutes Leslie Feist of Canadian indie collective Broken Social Stars Of Hustle.
    DOWNLOAD HERE: .mp3 Thanks Mr. Heartedboy. (Feist frenzy here.)
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “Home On Ice” from
    Loved catching these local boys at Crash Mansion last Friday. Or was it two Fridays ago? It was 4AM so I don’t remember so good. I’m pretty sure they were awesome.
  • The Decemberists “Engine Driver” from Picaresque
    The album leaked months ago (word spread on the official message board) and now the band’s gear is gone. Colin is praying the true fans will pay for the new tunes. Support your local Decemberist, k? This free sample sounds like the Smiths!
  • Doves “Black And White Town” from Some Cities
    Critically acclaimed trio bathed Bowery’s hipsters in lush Britpop last Tuesday. Foxy Jess and I failed to take one decent photo, but Brooklyn Vegan came through. The first single from the new LP (Doves’ third) was a highlight. Check the video: Win | Real (Doves will be back in NYC — with Mercury Rev — in May.)
  • Gwen Stefani (Feat. Eve) “Rich Girl” from Love.Angel.Music.Baby
    Not as b-a-n-a-n-a-s as “Mickey”-retread “Hollaback,” — and the Fiddler part is lame — but the “Allllll the riches baby / won’t mean anything” bit is earworm material. Didja see this shiksa on SNL? Oy, she’s all skin and bones.
  • Hot Hot Heat “Middle Of Nowhere” from Elevator
    Third I’ve heard from the third album. Not as much fun as “Bandages,” but getting warmer.
  • Ivy “Tess Don’t Tell” from In The Clear
    The Grizz sez: “Depending on your social life, this is music to listen to while falling in love or cleaning your apartment. Either way, you’ll feel really cool while doing it.” (Blurb via Grambo.) Thanks to Jen we’ll be in a small room with Dominique soon.
  • Justus Köhncke “Alles Nochmal” from Doppelleben
    Cool IDM interpretation of Carly Simon’s “Coming Around Again” In German. Don’t let that deter you.
  • Keane “Somewhere Only We Know” from Hopes And Fears
    I had to hear this pop ballad 200 times before I realized how perfectly constructed it is. I get a rush when the chorus comes in. Wish these guys were around when Stereomom made me take piano lessons.
  • Kelly Clarkson “Since U Been Gone (Jason Nevins Ambient Candlelight Mix)” from iTunes Remix EP
    iTunez commissioned some dancefloor makeovers of Ted Leo’s favorite Idol. DJ is Jason Nevins, who I’m pretty sure went to my high school. Collect all eight. Share with (four or less) friends.
  • The Kills “Run Home Slow” from No Wow (Japanese Version Only)
    Lovely fiancée EJ loved Alison Mosshart in college. We have a box of Discount 7″s in the closet to prove it. Now Alison has a new name (VV) and band (the Kills). Could be time to see what LOT of DISCOUNT 7″ rare Record,Florida punk emo,OOP fetches on eBay.
  • Kylie Minogue “Lovin’ You” from Ultimate Kylie
    The last cut on her new import collection. We think it’s co-written by a Scissor Sister (like “I Believe In You”) but are too lazy to check.
    DOWNLOAD AT: Arjan Writes
  • Lazyboy “Facts Of Life” from Lazy Boy TV
    The “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” of 2005. Listen, chuckle, delete. This band has a popular song about underwear, but I haven’t heard that yet.
  • Louis XIV “Finding Out True Love Is Blind” from Illegal Tender
    This first appeared as a Stolen Transmission. Did you get your limited edition CD? Bunny did.
  • M.I.A. “Sunshowers” from Arular
    Any space left on the bandwagon? We promise not to cause trouble.
  • Mountain Goats “Dilaudid” from The Sunset Tree
    John Darnielle can yelp a goofy lyric with the best of them. “Dilaudid” rides on a wicked cello riff that reminds me of recent David Byrne. I’m curious what the Internet-only “Marrtronix” remix is, but 4AD’s downloading procedure is way too confusing.
  • Nagisa Ni Te “Me, On The Beach” from Dream Sounds
    J-psych folkies embrace their Neil Young fetish. And there’s a surfing cartoon bunny on the cover!
  • Petra Haden “I Can See For Miles” from Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out
    Petra Haden, who you may remember from That Dog (sorry, that dog.) pays tribute to The Who Sell Out by recreating all the parts (even percussion) a capella. It was Mike Watt’s idea and she recorded it BEFORE Björk’s batshit Medulla.
  • Regina Spektor “Us” from Soviet Kitsch
    This classically-trained pianist toured with classic rockers The Strokes. Quirky pretty.
  • Russian Futurists “Our Pen’s Out Of Ink” from Our Thickness
    Matthew Adam Hart’s hooks are sharper than ever. “Our Pen” starts off jazzy then bursts into a sunny, reverb-drenched chorus of “Bah bah bahs.” Recommended if you like Dave Fridmann (though he didn’t produce this).
  • Solomon Burke “It Makes No Difference” from Make Do With What You Got
    Lacks the oomph of the Band’s original, but I’ll listen to this guy read the phone book.
  • Stars “The Big Fight” from from Set Yourself On Fire
    I meant to write about Stars weeks ago. They’re part of a hott Canadian version of Elephant 6 that also includes Broken Social Scene and Feist. Chamber pop call & response unexpectedly shifts into some Arthur Russell-style ’80s breakbeat. (Crushing blow: The O.C. discovered this song before Stereogum did.) I’m told the band impressed in Austin.
  • Stephen Malkmus “Freeze The Saints” from Face The Truth
    I’ve been a solo Malkmus fan since he gave out free t-shirts at his first NY solo gig. Here he’s all sensitive singer/songwriter. Sweet.
  • Thunderbirds Are Now! “From: Skulls” from Justamustache
    Better than anything on the D-Town weirdos’ debut album. If they stopped trying to be funny I think I’d like them even more. Check out this song if you like Arcade Fire.
  • U.S.E. (United State Of Electronica) “Night Shift “Open Your Eyes” “Takin’ It All The Way” from U.S.E.
    I couldn’t decide which song. It’s always the right time for U.S.E.
Phew. Sorry no grime, maybe next time.

Lemme know what you like/dislike. Also, what (new stuff) are you listening to?