Go! Team Watercooler

One of last fall’s most blogged musical discoveries was The Go! Team’s Thunder, Lightning, Strike, a cut-and-paste pastiche of booty-shaking rock and soul along the lines of Avalanches or Beta Band at its funkiest. The UK sextet’s retro sound was so infectious, some of us wondered if we hadn’t already heard these songs in the Saturday morning cartoons of our youth. More curiously, it was fever to tell where the sampling ended and the band began. And that’s why every NY hipster worth his or her hornrims packed Mercury Lounge (on Monday) and Southpaw (on Tuesday) to see this band in the flesh.

I so wanted to to disagree with all the negative reviews of Monday’s show. I wanted the Team to get its shit together for the Southpaw crowd so I could tell you how awesome it was. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t feeling it. Ninja’s an engaging, high energy vocalist, but we could barely hear her. I don’t even think Ian’s harmonica was amplified for the first couple of songs.

In all fairness though, the Go! Team sounds SO BIG on CD — short of bringing out the USC Marching Band, there was probably no way they’d meet my high expectations. Thunder still has a home on my iPod, of course, and I look foward to seeing which major label wins the rumored bidding war already in progress. Here are some photographs I took because I’m a blogger and that’s what bloggers do at rock shows.

I know you like my retarded cropping. Don’t lie.

Go! Team plays Canal Room tonight for $5. Check ‘em out and decide for yourself.