Savages – “Shut Up” Video

If you’ve had a chance to see the tense, bloodthirsty, ridiculously exciting London postpunk band Savages live, you’ve almost certainly had you wig pushed back; their live show is nothing to be trifled with. And now the band has teamed up with the director Giorgio Testi to make a video for “Shut Up,” a strident track from their forthcoming debut album Silence Yourself, that captures some of the kinetic severity of that live show. The song itself is a monster, too, with a spoken intro that gives me Refused flashbacks and a propulsive groove that makes my heart pump just a little bit faster. The song and video are further evidence that this band matters; check them out below.

(via Matablog)

Silence Yourself is out 5/7 on Pop Noire/Matador. Get excited.