Speedy Ortiz – “Ka-Prow” Video

The upcoming 7″ from Speedy Ortiz packs more vivid melody and glorious noise into >5 minutes than seems possible — every time I listen to it, I listen to it again, and then, usually, again, partly to catch the details I missed the first (or second) time, mostly because it’s just deliriously infectious music. Like Swearin’ or Yuck, the Northampton, MA band seems to be influenced almost exclusively by the Matador Records roster circa ’95 or so, but those influences are combined and refined to deliver something totally thrilling, if not exactly new. “Ka-Prow!” is the 7″‘s A-side and it’s just a blast, combining Sadie Dupuis’s dry, expressive voice and slightly imperfect melodies with quiet-loud-quiet guitars that hum and ignite and are eventually consumed in flames of wild feedback and cheap distortion. The full-length will emerge later this year; in the meantime, check out the video for “Ka-Prow” below, and the band’s prior EP, Sports, on their Bandcamp.

Speedy Ortiz’s “Ka-Prow” 7″ is out 4/30 via Inflated.

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