Watch A Mini-Documentary About Elestial Sound Records

Since 2011, the Gainesville, Flordia-based independent label Elestial Sound has released a mix of avant-pop, electronic, and hip-hop acts including the first album by Hundred Waters (now a Stereogum favorite) and Jane Jane Pollock (an experimental pop band from Georgia with a string of excellent albums out). On April 30th, the label will release a compilation of its 2013 roster, ranging from ChromadaData’s slow-tempo patchwork of samples and electronic beats (hear “In The Sky” via Soundcloud) to Emily Reo’s wide-eyed dream pop (which we introduced you to a couple of weeks ago). In advance of the comp, check out this mini-documentary covering the past couple of years spent releasing vinyl records, building the label’s work space/show space in Florida, driving their bands around on tours with their veggie-oil-powered buses, and fostering an underground community in Florida. The tracklist for the compilation is also below.

Track Listing for Elestial Sound’s 2013 Compilation, out 4/30/13 via

1. Orchal and Vir – Future Lite
2. Chromadadata – In The Sky (mp3)
3. Jane Jane Pollock – Slow Gaze
4. MSNRA – Trails
5. Danny – Mystery
6. Floating – Calss
7. Pospulenn – Frog’s Puzzle Box
8. Emily Reo – Happy Birthday
9. Euglossine – Feedback Jewelry
10. Ghost Fields – Lovecraft