Jens Lekman – “Regarding A Package”

A forthcoming issue of the New York arts and culture magazine Esopus will come packaged with a new compilation, and the magazine has asked the artists in question to write songs “inspired by a customer service experience.” The comp includes songs from Dirty Beaches, Richard Swift, Black Pus, Cakes Da Killa, and the charmingly specific Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lekman, the latter of whom is exactly the guy you want writing your customer-service-experience song. Lekman has turned in “Regarding A Package,” a spare and pretty song about the time a fan sent him a dead bird in a sealed plastic bag — one that he had to call the Australian customs service to claim, since the country’s got certain quarantine restrictions. Listen to it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Issue #19 of Esopus is out soon.