Lakutis – “Too Ill For The Law” Video

I don’t think I need to explain much more about my dedication to the warehouse-proliferated, weirdo New New York rap culture, as I have opined about it on many previous occasions here. That said, I’m more than thrilled that we’re finally, finally getting material from Uptown rapper and Greehead-affiliate Lakutis’s Three Seashells, the follow-up to his underrated EP I’m In The Forest. “Too Ill For The Law” has him rapping matter-of-factly about his disdain for the cops and putting himself on house arrest on a beat that was crafted by Kynan Williams (brother of Wavves’ Nathan, who produce together as Sweet Valley). It samples Joanie Sommers’ “Johnny Get Angry,” one of the more badass ditties from the Girl Group-era, which is finessed from its jaunty keys-and-kazoos origins into something grisly, deserving of a somersaulting interpolation of the Notorious B.I.G.’s impenetrable “Kick In The Door.” Check out the track via its dark video directed by Shomi Patwary (“Piss Test (Remix),” “Can’t Ruin My Fun“) and Das Racist’s Dapwell, with cameos from Despot and Heems, below.

Three Seashells is slated for release later this year via Greedhead.

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