Stream Annuals Time Stamp

Raleigh’s Annuals were a Band To Watch way back in 2006. Until yesterday, though, the group had not delivered a full-length album in nearly five years. Annuals independently released their new album, Time Stamp, on Bandcamp along with a heart-felt note documenting their hiatus.

The majority of Time Stamp has sat in a near-completed form for almost 18 months, the final stretch towards completion would cost the band essentially all of the money it had left to its name. It’s here now, with some measured degree of hope, that people will care enough to see that this might be a last ditch effort.

Annuals still sound like the same explosive pop band that people fell in love with when their stand-out song “Brother” came out. The opening track, “Omnicide,” begins with familiar folky strumming before rumbling into the harmony-rich chorus. The album also boasts some pretty self-deprecating lyricism that sounds almost joyous when paired with the band’s ever-upbeat sound. Listen to the full album below.

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