When It’s Over

With Pat O’Brien currently detained, The Insider needs a smarmy, blonde jock to fill in. What better replacement that Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath? He’s paid his dues hosting fourth-ranked entertainment newsmagazine Extra. He’s good at rhyming. He knows DJ Homicide would kick his ass if he called a coworker “fruit monkey.” I know what you’re thinking: what about Sugar Ray’s credibility? Turns out, even Mark knows he has none.

“The Man Who Would Be Tesh”
Entertainment Weekly, 3/25/05

MARK MCGRATH: People have asked me, “Do you think you’re losing credibility and selling out?” It’s like, you have to have sold in to sell out. I don’t think anybody is ever gonne confuse Sugar Ray with Guided By Voices, you know?

Mark, it’s gonna be hard to make fun of you if you’re already doing it yourself. Anyway, you Insider people should at least consider giving McGrath the job. He doesn’t even know how to leave a dirty voicemail.