Kvelertak – “Kvelertak” Video

Like Bad Company and Minor Threat before them, balls-out Norwegian metal ragers Kvelertak have named an absolutely kickass song after the band itself — an always-appreciated way of laying out exactly who the band is, of making a mission statement. Weirdly, the song doesn’t appear on the band’s 2010 self-titled debut but on Meir, its equally great new follow-up. That album has already given us amazing videos for “Bruane Brenn” and “Månelyst,” and now they’ve made a video for “Kvelertak” with director Stian Andersen, and this one is a band-on-the-road deal. We see the heavily inked dudes in the band ripping through sweaty clubs, drinking, riding motorcycles, and wearing owls on their heads, true vikings all the while. Watch it below.

(via SPIN)

Meir is out now on Roadrunner.