Snoop Lion – “No Regrets” (Feat. T.I. & Amber Coffman)

There are many questionable things about Snoop’s fake patois-drenched reboot as roots-reggae uplifter Snoop Lion — and perhaps, per the NYT, tapping fellow Caribbean appropriators Major Lazer to produce is chief amongst them. But since Snoop’s already set down this path for a full album (Reincarnation), this bonus track here is at least a partial step toward the redemption of his decision making process, because in addition to Major Lazer it features the production talents of Ariel Rechtshaid (he of the new Vampire Weekend record, and of Sky Ferreira’s greatest hit, and Charli XCX work, and of Foreign Born, and so much more), and the rapping talent of T.I.. But highest of all, the track harbors the vocal stylings of one Amber Coffman, who after “Get Free” and this cut is clearly part of Major Lazer’s go-to crew, and is officially entirely on the mainstream’s radar, and hopefully maybe giving thought to the Amber Coffman LP we’ve been secretly dreaming about for a minute now. Herein, all parties involved intersect over a fat and crunchy, smoked-out low tempo vamp, Amber shadows Snoop then shines bright on some high-registered harmonies. Whatever your thoughts on the project, it was the only way (only way ONLY WAY) we were going to get this, so. No regrets:

Snoop Lion is the man now, Dogg, and Reincarnation is his album. Here he is explaining Haile Selassie to Letterman: