Watch Iggy And The Stooges On The Colbert Report

Iggy Pop has certain things in life figured out, and one of them is this: You don’t attempt to go joke-for-joke with Stephen Colbert when you’re on his show. Instead, Iggy, Colbert’s guest last night, was just his leathery acid-casualty self during his interview segment with Colbert, and he gave his impression of Link Wray’s “Rumble” guitar riff and explained his frequent shirtlessness like this: “The Pharaoh never wore a shirt.” Makes sense! (Iggy, it bears mentioning, dressed for the show in a suit, but with the shirt completely open.) He and his Stooges also performed two songs from their new album Ready To Die: “Job” and, as an online bonus, “Burn.” Iggy did not waste any time leaving the stage and charging around in the audience, and he got away with saying “shitty” on TV, because he is who he is. Watch the interview and both performances below.

Ready To Die is out today on Fat Possum.