Since U Been Blogged

Kelly Clarkson recalls the evolution of her latest hit … and breaks Stereogum’s heart. Nicholas Fonseca reports:

EW 4/1/05
“I hated [the demo],” she says. “It sounded very generic. It didn’t have hardly any git-tars on it. I need more drums. I needed it be harder.” Eschewing her label RCA’s wishes, she hooked up with producer Max Matin and co-writer Lukasz Gottwald in Sweden to “ruin the song,” and returned with the driving track that’s become her current hit. Even hard-to-please rock snobs are embracing the anthem’s addictive hook and tween mosh-pit vibe on their blogs. “I”ve now listened to this goddamned Kelly Clarkson song 41 times since last Wednesday,” writes one convert; Mike Doughty of the defunct alt-rock quartet Soul Coughing recently called it one of his three top MP3s, and even indie-rock hero Ted Leo has recorded a much sought-after acoustic version that became a Web phenom.

Informed of the hoopla, Clarkson responds: “What’s a blog?”

Back by popular demand: Ted Leo – “Since U Been Gone/Maps” (MP3 Removed)