Watch Tame Impala Cover OutKast

Here Australian psych champions Tame Impala return to their homeland’s biggest radio station to do Triple J’s consistently successful Like A Version series. In an impressive display of lateral thinking, the band chose a song that suits their strengths while also feeling a bit unexpected: André 3000’s The Love Below paean to perfection “Prototype.” It’s clear Tame aren’t messing about their deep love for the song (despite not recognizing the spoken-word intro to its official video), faithfully recreating most every distinctive aspect of its squishy sighing love-funk, from the future-forward splat-bass and its trebly guitar counterpart to Three Stacks’ dual vocal lines — handled by Tame’s main vocalist Kevin Parker and Tame’s not-so-secret weapon vocalist, Nick Allbrook (he of POND). It’s here, along with its source material, spoken word and all:

Remember forever: