All Points West: Radiohead. Maybe You’ve Heard Of Them.

The last thing the world needs is another blog post about how zomgzmazing Radiohead is live. Tough shit, world. Of the three shows I saw this week (it’s ok to hate even I’m jealous of me), APW Night Two was The One. Since the only way to fairly and meaningfully gauge a Radiohead show is in comparison to another Radiohead show, I’ll say it was near or at the top of my seven nights with the band. I took my own advice and treated the day as a glorified Radiohead concert, everything else just a chance diversion on the way to Yorke. This made the even longer wait for the ferry and thus missing everything but the last song of Animal Collective (“Brother Sport,” yay), and a few of the Roots, just charming little pitstops of frustration to spice up the latest entry in my ILU Jonny Greewood diary.

So can we talk about how much bigger, happier, more conductive the crowd was yesterday? About how clearly engaged the band was with the field from the opening “Reckoner” and on, each song the perfect thread to the one before? About how by the time “Exit Music (For A Film)” came on you could hear a pin drop anywhere in Jersey? That was a chills moment. Thom dedicating “Airbag” to Kings Of Leon (“If we were that good looking, we’d be famous”) was a goofy moment. (You get one with each Radiohead ticket purchase.) “Bangers & Mash” meant Thom on the kit. “Planet Telex” meant the already arresting stalactite light show spurting into higher, rainbow-psych gear. “Kid A,” and “Idioteque”‘s noise breakdown, meant I wet myself. Etc.

The great thing about seeing this band: No matter what they play, it’s the Greatest Hits. But when all is dialed in like Saturday, the material comes together like a vessel for five guys onstage, and every person in earshot, to get lost in something. At that point it’s not lights and music … it’s Radiohead. After the jump we’ve got another photo spread from Abbey Braden, the full setlist, and a few vids. More pics from APW Saturday tk.

01 “Reckoner”
02 “15 Step”
03 “The National Anthem”
04 “Kid A”
05 “All I Need”
06 “Nude”
07 “Weird Fishes”/”Arpeggi”
08 “Where I End And You Begin”
09 “The Gloaming”
10 “Faust Arp”
11 “No Surprises”
12 “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
13 “The Bends”
14 “Bangers & Mash”
15 “Everything In Its Right Place”
16 “Exit Music (For A Film)”
17 “Bodysnatchers”
18 “Pyramid Song”
19 “Videotape”
20 “Airbag” (for Kings Of Leon)
21 “Fake Plastic Trees”
22 “There There”
23 “House Of Cards”
24 “Planet Telex”
25 “Idioteque”

Lots of pics for ya (see Friday’s here):

[All photos by Abbey]

Here’s some vid from last night (thanks again, mardybum):

“Fake Plastic Trees”

“Bangers & Mash”


“All I Need”