Watch The Breeders On Fallon

Kim and Kelley Deal are touring with their reconstituted Last Splash lineup to celebrate the 20th Anniversary (and reissue) of that album. It’s a stone-cold classic, and seeing Kim “Ah-wooo-ooo” to applause into a styrofoam cup-distorted mic here on Fallon two decades after “Cannonball” first swept alt.rock radio feels like a victory, rather than a nostalgia-treading cash-in. Whether it’s truly a victory or a cash-in is besides the point; the point is that the sisters Deal’s genuine surplus of indie rock goodwill makes this performance (and song) feel great (forever). As a web-bonus, the Last Splash band also delivered their album’s cover of the Ed’s Redeeming Qualities track “Drivin’ On 9,” and you can watch both below:


The 20th anniversary reissue of The Breeders’ Last Splash is out as LSXX via 4AD. Details here.