Mayer Hawthorne – “Her Favorite Song” (Feat. Jessie Ware)

Mayer Hawthorne and Jessie Ware both make retro-soul music, after a fashion, but the two singers draw from very different eras: Hawthorne from the raspy Motown of the mid-’60s, Ware from the poised and effervescent Afro-Carribean British music of the early-’90s. Hawthorne’s new single “Her Favorite Song,” though, seems to come from some indistinct amber-hued past, with Auto-Tune sheen sharing space with old-school bass-ripples. And it’s got Ware joining Hawthorne on the chorus, generally classing the whole thing up. It’s the first taste of Hawthorne’s new album Where Does This Door Go, and you can hear it below.

Where Does This Door Go is out 7/16 on Republic.