oOoOO – “Mouchette” (Stereogum Premiere)

Mouchette is a 1960s film from French New Wave trailblazer Robert Bresson about a little girl, of the same name (it means “small fly”), whose life is befallen by unyielding tragedy. It’s also the name of a new track from Chris Dexter, bka oOoOO’s upcoming debut full-length Without Your Love. Dexter cites it as an “inverted dream” of the album’s lead single “Stay Here,” but there’s no “sonic crossover” just a synthesis of their auras that make them like companion pieces. I had to ask Dexter if the song had anything to do with Bresson’s film, the gurgling vocal samples almost sounding to me as if they could have come from the film and its dark undertones similar to its disturbing narrative arc. He told that to him there was no immediate connection, but had realized he had seen the movie around the time he wrote the song. Like with “Stay Here,” there’s, perhaps, no crossover but the song certainly does complement the film. Check it out below.

01 “Sirens”
02 “Stay Here”
03 “3:51 AM”
04 “Without Your Love”
05 “On It”
06 “Crossed Wires”
07 “Mouchette”
08 “The South”
09 “Misunderstood”
10 “5:51 AM”
11 “Across A Sea”

Without Your Love is out 6/24 on Nihjgt Feelings.

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