New Morningwood Video – “Sugarbaby”

Morningwood frontwoman Chantal Claret’s gone from a truffle-loving death-obsessed nine year-old spilling her guts to Oprah to pied piper for folks to please take off their clothes to the confused and coke-snorting American Appareled LastNightsParty puppet in the Adam Neustader-directed video for “Sugarbaby.” She’s slightly more bearable in Muppet form (not really). The video’s labeled “dirty,” but it’s a puppet, so use your own NSFW discretion.

The Sugarbaby EP is out digitally tomorrow (8/12). You can get more info at the band’s MySpace. If you’re a masochist, here’s Chantal-as-puppet listing her “5 albums SO BAD THAT THEY ARE GOOD.”

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