New I’m From Barcelona – “Music Killed Me” (& “Paper Planes” Video)

I’m From Barcelona’s new single “Paper Planes” comes from the Swedes’s forthcoming sophomore album, the ominously titled Who Killed Harry Houdini?. As previously reported, it’s not an M.I.A. cover. You’ll have that reaffirmed in the song’s video, where mustached Emanuel Lundgren settles into an elevator, brushes his teeth, shaves, and otherwise preps for a new day before witnessing a couple going at it, an old guy blowing his horn, and a kid beating his drum. In turn, Lundgren finds a fews ways to clear his own head before getting off.

You can also listen to the new song “Music Killed Me” at the troupe’s MySpace or hand over your email address and download it here. It’s less confetti appropriate than most of their tracks.

Who Killed Harry Houdini? is out 10/14 on Mute.