Pretty In Pink 2: Duckie’s Revenge

That long-rumored Pretty In Pink sequel is moving forward for a release next year (link via Trent). Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy, and John Cryer will star (sorry, no Diceman). I’m probably more excited about this than I should be … blame UCB.

Despite an inferior rerecording of P-Furs’ ’81 classic and the inexplicable inclusion of Danny Hutton instead of Nic Kershaw (see last paragraph), John Hughes’ PiP soundtrack was pretty rad. Remember, Breakfast Club had only one good song. To refresh your memory, this was the Pretty tracklist:

1. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – “If You Leave”
2. Suzanne Vega w/ Joe Jackson – “Left of Center” (MP3)
3. Jesse Johnson – “Get to Know Ya”
4. INXS – “Do Wot You Do”
5. Psychedelic Furs – “Pretty in Pink”
6. New Order – “Shellshock”
7. Belouis Some – “Round, Round”
8. Danny Hutton Hitters – “Wouldn’t It Be Good”
9. Echo & the Bunnymen – “Bring on the Dancing Horses”
10. The Smiths – “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”

And of course there were great tunes not on the LP. Read Pretty In Pink’s Top Ten Musical Moments for those.

Let’s hope soundtrack #2 isn’t all 3 Doors Down and Lifehouse (or worse, something like this). Then again, who knows what former record store babe Andie would be listening to now? Does she even own an iPod? Share your theories in the comments.

Copy, Right?‘s imagined ending had me laughing:

In the version of this movie that exists in my mind, the movie doesn’t end with Andie and Blaine kissing in the parking lot. In my version, it ends about a month later when they break up because they have absolutely nothing in common. Then Andie dates Duckie a while until he comes out of the closet. Then she goes away to college and has her heart broken a million more times by people she actually had real connections with. You know, like guys in bands.

And here’s some trivia from IMDB:

  • The original ending had Duckie getting the girl, but test audiences preferred Blaine. (Plus, John Hughes was concerned audiences would take the original ending as a message that poor people and rich people don’t belong together.) When the actors came back to reshoot, Andrew McCarthy had lost a lot of weight and shaved his head for a play. He had to wear a wig, but is noticeably more gaunt in the end scenes.
  • “Goddess of Love” was the original song OMD composed for the movie but it didn’t fit with the new ending.
  • Anthony Michael Hall turned down the role of Duckie.

  • OK, one more song:
    Nada Surf – “If You Leave” (MP3)