New Grizzly Bear – “Fine For Now” (Live At All Points West)

Hats are off to the Grizzly guys for having the mettle to play 50% new stuff at these Radiohead tour stops. (It helps that the songs are being so rapturously received, although if the last LP I put out was in 2006 I’d probably do the same and I am a shit songwriter.) Their set at All Points West — for which the sun reemerged, marking a turn around for a previously dull day — included the core four of “Two Weeks,” “While You Wait For The Others,” and the two we first heard heard at Lolla: the Ed cut (for now “Untitled”), and the new Dan song they’ve named “Fine For Now.” Both pull off a few shades from the outright sunny poptimism of the more blogged about pair, and “Fine For Now” is an altogether artier excursion, with more unpredictable rhythm section work, a passing chordal central riff, and quite a climax.

Not that anyone’s complained about the previous new tunes’ immediacy, but it’s nice to know the band’s working on some knottier pieces. Grizzly have three more shows with Radiohead (maybe you’ve heard of them). That photo is by Abbey Braden; check more of her shots from Friday @ APW here, and we’ll have one more batch from the rest of the fest shortly.