American Idol (I Know, He’s From Middlesex. Whatevs.)

Reader Leah writes in:

The last thing Billy Idol needs right now to kick start his career is a video that looks like it was made w/ photoshop.

Haa. That was way harsh, Tai. Er, Leah. But I agree it could use more Jennifer Love Hewitt. You gotta admit he looks pretty good for 60.

I saw Mr. Idol film VH1 Storytellers a few years ago. He did every song three times, but it was fun. Last night Springsteen taped a Storytellers in South Jersey, but Stereogum couldn’t score a ticket [frowny emoticon]. I’ll ask my executive peeps for a review though, and post the setlist here later.

Didjaknow: Breakfast Club theme “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” was originally offered to Billy Idol? He turned it down, as did Bryan Ferry. And the Pretenders. Chrissie Hynde instead recommended her husband’s band Simple Minds. They almost turned it down as well (Jim Kerr didn’t like the lyrics). It became Minds’ only American #1, and the most awesomest ’80s movie song, like, ever!! Promise I won’t mention John Hughes movies anymore this week.

Billy’s new album Devil’s Playground is in stores now.