Hodgy Beats – “Years”

When debating the merits of each member of Odd Future, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean are the easy touchstones for Best Member. But when you swim through the depth of their catalogue, a lot of the underdogs’ talent is tantamount to the Big Three’s. OF’s “other” R&B act the Internet make innovative and emotionally revealing music, Mike G. can rap circles around a lot of Top 40 contenders (and check out his tape with OG Ron C White Ice), and duo MellowHype, comprised of Left Brain and Hodgy Beats rightfully slide in just a hair under Ocean, Tyler, and Earl with recognition. While the most recent MellowHype release had a weird pop bent that seemed to derail from their usual output, Hodgy steps back up to the dark-and-weird plate with “Years.” It comes from Untitled 2, a new EP dropping this weekend. Check it out below. It has a Ron Swanson reference!

Untitled 2 is out 6/1.

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