Stream James Murphy’s Red Bull Music Academy DJ Set, Q&A

Last weekend, DFA Records celebrated its 12th Anniversary with a festival-type party at Brooklyn’s razzle-dazzled Grand Prospect Hall featuring live performances, turntable sets, culminating with night-capping in a DJ workout from its godhead James Murphy. We have some nice photos here to help you relive it a bit, but considering how difficult it is to dance to pictures of James Murphy — and how utterly disturbing it would be if you even tried — we’re going one better and posting a stream of his entire set below. It runs a genre gamut and concludes with Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place,” so you know it’s real. Hear it:

Also, you can watch a 90 minute video of James discussing his personal history and that of his label/scene/band situation at a talk moderated by Red Bull Music Academy. It’s pictured above (James is on the left, Red Bull on the right), and is streaming on Pitchfork.