Band To Watch: Akron/Family

A few things to love about this song…
It kicks off in 5/4 time, riding a persistent Jew’s harp lick, then three minutes in shifts into straight-up Jeff Buckley.

Akron/Family – “Running Returning” (MP3 link expired)

Akron/Family are folky multi-instrumentalists who moved to Brooklyn from “rural America” (according to their Young God bio) a few years ago. (But just so you know they’re still rural at heart, they’ve got a budget website and big-ass facial hair that rivals Kings Of Leon.) Sonically, think Thom Yorke fronting Animal Collective. Definitely check out the kids’ self-titled debut if you’re a fan of weirdo labelmate Devendra Banhart.

Michael Gira from Young God describes the album’s recording process: “As we worked, a song would sometimes be described as too ‘red’ or not ‘aluminum’ enough or some other arcane (to me) reference, but inevitably, corrections made with the aid of a screwdriver or maybe the sanded metal rails of a staircase resulted in an unpredictable but ‘correct’ result.”

Akron’s live gigs are supposedly epic so I hope to catch ‘em at Northsix on 5/20.

Hear more pretty “Ak Ak” tunes at their MySpace space.

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