Watch Savages Play Fallon

Savages’ intense and severe live show is the first thing anyone noticed about the band, but it’s the type of live show that doesn’t seem like it should translate to a late-night TV stage. Last night, however, the band made their American TV debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and gave an absolute shitstomper of a performance, the type of thing that makes the entire setting look completely different. On the show itself, they bashed out the icily electric “She Will,” and they also did the darkly clanging “City’s Full” as an online bonus. And with frontwoman Jehnny Beth’s relieved smile at the end of “She Will,” we also got a slight and rare character-breaking moment. Silence Yourself, the band’s debut album, is one of the year’s best, and you probably already know that. But if you’re still wondering why people are so excited about this band, this performance is a good place to start. Watch both songs below.

Silence Yourself is out now on Pop Noire/Matador, and it rules so hard.