New Franz Ferdinand – “Lucid Dreams”

Glastonbury ’08 didn’t just give us this cute little Oasis/Jay-Z feud — it’s where Kapranos & Co. delivered “Katherine Kiss Me,” a first full-song glimpse at what Franz Ferdinand 3.0 might sound like (i.e. like Franz Ferdinand 1.0). That was live, however, and “Lucid Dreams” comes as a streaming studio cut at So, this is the first studio glimpse of what FF v3.0 will sound like. (Franz want your email in exchange for the listen.)

Not bad, the boys still want you to dance and this doesn’t sound like an outright retread of a previous single or anything. Still curious to see if there’s anything to that “we’re going to lose the electric guitars and play synth” stuff, though.

[Photo from Bonnaroo ’07]