More Trouble For QOTSA Tour

Posted at Queens Of The Stone Age’s official site:

Mark Lanegan is taking a brief sebatical [sic] from the ongoing Queens tour due to exhaustion … The band stresses that all other rumors regarding this subject should be written down, burned & the ashes pushed in to your eyes so that you are unable to find your watercooler/sewing circle.

It’s shitty enough that Josh is coughing up blood. Can we blame Lanegan’s exit on Matt Dillon too?

Entertainment Weekly: Five Rounds With QOTSA, April 2005
JOSH HOMME: When I was a little boy, I wanted that smoky setting. Some people want a trophy because they won a basketball game. I wanted to make music and have there be sexy lighting. The reason I smoke is Matt Dillon–you fucker! After I watched Over The Edge, I started dressing like him, too, because (a) it’s very desert style, and (b) it’s not too macho and it’s not too sissy. It’s like I can have sex with you or I can fight … [Homme orders a pack of Camel Lights from the bartender.] … Regular Camels make my lungs explode.

If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and pick up Lullabies To Paralyze. ZZ Top dude even makes a cameo. Stereogum should’ve caught Queens live when they were in town. Any of you go?