David Lynch – “I’m Waiting Here” (Feat. Lykke Li) Video

Hey, remember last week, when we posted “I’m Waiting Here,” the Lykke Li-sung bonus track from David Lynch’s forthcoming album The Big Dream? Well, that song has a video now. Lynch didn’t direct it, which makes perfect sense, since it’s not like Lynch is one of the most iconic film directors of the past half-century or whatever. Instead, the video’s concept comes from Lykke Li and visual artist Daniel Desure, and it consists entirely of a camera floating down a desert highway. It’s a very pretty piece of work, and the night-time parts recall Lynch’s Lost Highway. Still, call me crazy, but maybe David Lynch should be the guy responsible for all of David Lynch’s videos. Check it out below.

(via Pitchfork)

The Big Dream is out 7/16 on Sacred Bones.