New Kanye West Video – “Champion”

If you were thinking Barack and McCain were the only ones trying to ensure visibility by incorporating Olympic fever into their public relations strategies, you forgot about Ye. (Here it’s the “Unified Games,” because Kanye is good but the Olympics’ lawyers are better.) Between the puppet, the Steely Dan sample, and the timely global-competition setting, this video is scientifically calibrated for blogability. Here, you win Kanye.

(via Kanye)

I’m just tired of him blatantly ripping off Morningwood all the time, you know? Oh whoops except not at all and that video was terrible. However that boxer-jab pre-race move, by my count, puts Kanye Puppet up there with Norman on the Great Wall Of Blog Video Puppets. One day we’ll make a list because everybody loves lists.

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